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4-Bladed Piranha Boat Propeller with YB4 Hub

Hub Only: $108

The 4-bladed B-series YB4 hub is used to build modular Piranha Propellers for select Yamaha motors. Choose your preferred blades to complete your propeller kit.

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4-Bladed Piranha Boat Propeller with YB4 Hub$108.00
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Build your propeller using a 4-bladed B-series YB4 hub. This hub works for select Yamaha motors. Choose from an assortment of compatible blade sets to complete your propeller.

Piranha Modular Propeller Systems are revolutionary in the boating industry. Manufactured from a patented high strength composite, Piranha Propellers can be repaired or re-pitched for performance in a matter of minutes.


When you purchase your propeller from directly from the factory, we guarantee the hub for life. You break it… that rarely happens… we?ll replace it. The heart of a Piranha Propeller is the aluminum cored center hub. The hub carries a lifetime guarantee. If you damage it for any reason, Piranha will replace it for you (shipping charges not included).

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Blade Options

Both B4 and A4 blades will fit B4 hubs.

1318B-413"18"RIGHT HANDB4
1320B-413"20"RIGHT HANDB4
1322B-413"22"RIGHT HANDB4
1324B-413"24"RIGHT HANDB4

14.514A-414.5"14"RIGHT HANDA4
14.516A-414.5"16"RIGHT HANDA4
1418A-414"18"RIGHT HANDA4
1418A4-LH14"18"LEFT HANDA4
1420A-414"20"RIGHT HANDA4
1420A4-LH14"20"LEFT HANDA4
1422A-414"22"RIGHT HANDA4
1424A-414"24"RIGHT HANDA4
H1418A14"18"RIGHT HANDA4
H1420A14"20"RIGHT HANDA4

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