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About Piranha Propellers

Our History

A Christmas get-together two brothers, Brad Stahl and Eric Jochim, were talking about boating, waterskiing, and fishing. Each had an engineering background in a different field.

Brad was a 1984 graduate of Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo in aeronautical engineering and Eric was a 1971 graduate of Oregon State University in civil engineering.

Eric was spending too much time and money on his damaged propellers. Brad thought about the possible applications for an incredible new composite he was using on Drone Propellers.  Neither realized this was the start of a project that would revolutionize the recreational-boat propeller market.

In February 1989 Piranha Propellers was formed and in April 1989, the first molds and parts were built. 

In September 1989 our propeller system was ready to go to market.

The Piranha Propeller is an American Made Product.

The Design, tooling, product manufacturing are all performed in Jackson California USA

Alunimum Extrusion comes from Southern California and our high strength composits are manufactured in Winona Minnesota.