Piranha Propeller Products

Expanded view of a Piranha Propeller showing the aluminum core hub, the blades, and the propeller cap

The Piranha Propeller

  • A complete Piranha Propeller is made up of the Hub,  either 3 or 4 Blades, and the Cap.

Piranha Propellers are known for their high-strength composite material and their modular construction. The unique hub design allows for fast, easy on-the-go propeller repair, saving boaters time and money.

Piranha blades are designed to absorb the shock of a propeller strike, protecting the lower unit, gears and prop shaft from damage. Each blade is manufactured from a specially formulated high-strength aerospace composite material. The center hub is manufactured with an aluminum core over-molded with the same high-strength composite used for the blades. Every Piranha blade comes with HydroBites — precision ridges that improve hole shot, reduce vibration and control ventilation associated with tight turns. The rear cap completes the propeller and secures the blades in the hub.

Find the Right Propeller for Your Boat's Motor
Piranha Propellers Propulsion Kit including a propeller, a full set of replacement blades, a floating prop wrench, and a mesh bag

Propulsion Kit

  • A Complete Piranha Propeller
  • A Complete Set of Spare Blades
  • A Piranha Propellers Floating Prop Wrench
  • A Piranha Propellers Gear Bag

While many boaters are familiar with the bodies of water they frequent, they can’t predict when they may hit a submerged object. In the unfortunate event that a boater does suffer an impact, a back-up plan is sure to prevent down time, a ruined day on the water, and a lot of frustration.

Piranha created the Propulsion Kit to give boaters the security of a reserve prop, along with the tools needed to fix the problem. The modular design makes changing damaged blades a simple 5-minute task, and the gear bag makes it easy to store your tools and replacement parts.

Blade kit including a complete Piranha Pro;eller and a replacement blade

Blade Special

  • A Complete Piranha Propeller
  • One Spare Blade

The Piranha Blade Special offers all the benefits of a Piranha Propeller, plus the security of a having a replacement blade on hand. Piranha’s modular design makes it easy to replace a damaged blade on the go and to get back to full strength in minutes.

Piranha Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Hydrofoil Stabilizer

  • Minimizes cavitation and bow rise and helps prevent prop blow out.
  • Creates a water-on-water surface, eliminating drag.
  • Torque equalizers neutralize steering torque.

The Piranha Hydrofoil Stabilizer bolts to the cavitation plate on your drive and helps your boat get on plane faster and at a lower speed. This is very useful if you run your boat heavy, have an under-powered boat or need to pull up skiers. The Piranha Hydrofoil Stabilizer is made of the same strong material as Piranha Propeller blades.

Floating Prop Wrench


The Piranha Floating Prop Wrench fits the following prop nut sizes 1-1/4″, 1-1/16″, 15/16″ 7/8″, 13/16″, 3/4″, 11/16″, 9/16″, and 17/32″ making it the most versatile prop wrench on the market. Plus, it floats! One prop wrench is all you need to carry for any situation. Fits the following boat motor brands:

  • Evinrude / Johnson / OMC
  • Force
  • Honda
  • Mariner / Mercruiser / Mercury
  • Nissan / Tohatsu
  • Suzuki
  • Volvo SX / OMC Cobra SX
  • Volvo 270 / 280 / 290
  • Yamaha

*The Floating Prop Wrench does not fit HVA3 hub assemblies (Volvo Penta Pre-1994, 3 blade only, will fit VA4)

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