What’s the best pitch for your application?

Part of a Piranha Propeller assembly

Our primary goal is to help you achieve the optimal performance from your boat. Choosing the right pitch might require some testing, so we offer the Piranha Propellers blade exchange program. This allows you to test and exchange undamaged blades until you are satisfied.

  • If you are purchasing a Piranha Propeller for the first time and are happy with the performance of your current aluminum propeller, order the same pitch in the Piranha.
  • If you are looking to gain speed or lower your RPMs, increase your pitch. Every two inches higher in pitch will increase speed 3-5 mph and decrease the RPMs by approximately 400.
  • If you are looking to gain hole shot or increase your RPMs, decrease your pitch. Every two inches in pitch lower will cause you to gain approximately 400 RPMs.
  • If you are switching from a three blade to a four blade, drop one inch in pitch to compensate for the RPM change. If you are switching from a four to a three blade, increase one inch in pitch.

If you have any questions about selecting the correct pitch, e-mail us and we will help determine what you need.

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