Blade Guide & Boating Terms

How to Choose the Right Blades for Your Piranha Propeller

Once you select your hub, you'll be able to choose from a variety of blades to create your modular propeller. Read the FAQs below to help you decide which blades are right for your application.
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Blade Count

Piranha offers 3 and 4 blade options. With fewer blades, our 3-bladed propellers have a lower cost of entry and lower repair costs. They also provide better fuel economy, but 4-bladed propellers typically offer better hole shot and lower vibration.


Pitch is one of the fundamental characteristics of a propeller. Props are usually sized by their diameter and their pitch. A 14 x 17  would describe a 14 inch diameter with a 17 inch pitch.

Pitch is not an angle, it is a distance traveled. The prop acts like a screw being driven into a solid material. As the propeller rotates it moves forward. How far the propeller moves in one revolution is the pitch. The 14 x 17 would move 17 inches forward in one revolution of the propeller.


The splines are the teeth on the motor out put shaft. The motor spline count matches the propeller spline count. The splines lock the propeller to the drive shaft and transmit the engine torque to the propeller.


Not every propeller is designed to turn the same direction when the boat travels forward. There are always two possibilities.

When the propeller is viewed from behind the boat looking forward: left-rotation (counter-clockwise) or right-rotation (clockwise). 


Our patented HydroBites are small flow fences on the high pressure side of the propeller. These ridges improve hole shot, reduce vibration and control ventilation associated with tight turns and high trim angles.

B vs. XB Blades

The XB style blades are a thinner profile, semi-cleaver type blade. They typically produce faster speed and acceleration, but are less resistant to impact damage. We specifically recommend these blades for Force motors using our FB3 hub assembly. Our standard B-style blades, unlike the XB style, are cupped and are more resistant to ventilation in rough water.

Propeller Diameter

Diameter is one of the fundamental characteristics of a propeller. Props are usually sized by their diameter and their pitch. A 14 x 17  would describe a 14 inch diameter with a 17 inch pitch. 

When choosing a propeller matching propeller diameter is less important than matching the propeller pitch as compared to your old prop. 

Gear Case Diameter

The gearcase diameter refers to the measurement of the part of the outdrive where the propeller fits into. This measurement helps to ensure that you’re being fitted with the correct propeller size and Piranha hub assembly. The diameter can be found by measuring one outside point on the gearcase to the farthest opposite point. Gearcase diameters are measured in inches and fractions of inches.

Where can I buy Piranha Propellers?

View our U.S. and International Piranha Authorized Dealers.

Contact Factory Support.

Piranha Blade List

To help you choose the correct blade for your application, use the following chart showing specs for each blade available for each Piranha hub series.

H1511A15"11"RIGHT HANDA3
H14.513A14.5"13"RIGHT HANDA3
H14.515A-LH14.5"15"LEFT HANDA3
H14.517A14.5"17"RIGHT HANDA3
H14.517A-LH14.5"17"LEFT HANDA3
H14.519A14.5"19"RIGHT HANDA3
H14.519A-LH14.5"19"RIGHT HANDA3
H14.521A14.5"21"RIGHT HANDA3
H14.523A14.5"23"RIGHT HANDA3
14.514A-414.5"14"RIGHT HANDA4
14.516A-414.5"16"RIGHT HANDA4
1418A-414"18"RIGHT HANDA4
1418A4-LH14"18"LEFT HANDA4
1420A-414"20"RIGHT HANDA4
1420A4-LH14"20"LEFT HANDA4
1422A-414"22"RIGHT HANDA4
1424A-414"24"RIGHT HANDA4
H1418A14"18"RIGHT HANDA4
H1420A14"20"RIGHT HANDA4
1411B14"11"RIGHT HANDB3
1413B14"13"RIGHT HANDB3
13.7515B13.75"15"RIGHT HANDB3
13.2517B13.25"17"RIGHT HANDB3
1319B13"19"RIGHT HANDB3
1321B13"21"RIGHT HANDB3
125/821XB12-5/8"21"RIGHT HANDXB
1318B-413"18"RIGHT HANDB4
1320B-413"20"RIGHT HANDB4
1322B-413"22"RIGHT HANDB4
1324B-413"24"RIGHT HANDB4
1211C12"11"RIGHT HANDC3
103/813C10-3/8"13"RIGHT HANDC3
111/213C11-1/2"13"RIGHT HANDC3
101/815C10-1/8"15"RIGHT HANDC3
121/415C12-1/4"15"RIGHT HANDC3
113/717C11-3/4"17"RIGHT HANDC3
1010.5D10"10.5"RIGHT HANDD3
1011D10"11"RIGHT HANDD3
1013D10"13"RIGHT HANDD3
1015D10"15"RIGHT HANDD3
9.55E9.5"5"RIGHT HANDE3
9.57E9.5"7"RIGHT HANDE3
*D3 & E3 blades fit both D & E hubs. A4 and B4 blades fit both A4 and B4 hubs.
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