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Find A Boat Propeller From Piranha Propellers

Selecting the correct propeller for your Volvo engine is crucial. It is extremely important to take into consideration the strength and durability of your new propeller, not just the price. Outboard and Sterndrive boat engine types are compatible with propellers which are made from three different kinds of materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Composite. By far the most expensive and also the strongest propeller type is made from stainless steel, it consists of steel which has a higher tensile strength allowing for thinner blades to be incorporated. The more cost efficient and bendable type of propeller is made from Aluminum. They are the most mass produced propeller on the market and are generally a standard for boats made in a factory. And finally, the least money consuming propellers are the Composite type propellers, however they are not seen as the best choice by most consumers. The reason for this is because the material used for Composite propellers is more often than not a less sturdy material. They break more often due to this and also need to be replaced more often. So, the conclusion is that one has to decide which is more important, the price of the propeller or its ability to withstand time with relatively low chance of being damaged. Although, there is a better option. Have a glance at this Volvo Prop Finder and decide for yourself if this is a better alternative.

I am sure by now you have noticed that Piranha is the best choice. With strength and durability in mind, the Piranha propeller was manufactured with your wallet in mind. What we did is take two materials and merge them into one powerful product. Because of our design and use of both composite and aluminum materials, the Piranha propeller is able to perform far better than other propellers on the market. We used a uniquely formulated composite coating to cover our center hub, which is made out of exceptionally strong aluminum. That same composite is used on our replaceable blades which are pitched and shaped in a specific manner causing them to outperform both steel and aluminum propellers. We chose both very durable and very affordable aerospace composite materials to manufacture our blades, making them perfect for the job which they were designed to do. Storing the replaceable blade is extremely easy but replacing them is an even simpler task, which can be accomplished in a few minutes if by some chance the blades do get damaged or warped. Because of our superior design, we managed to double the industries standard for blade balance and decided to back our Piranha propellers with a lifetime guarantee. Our Piranha propeller will outlast and outperform any propellers which you have dealt with in the past, and if something does manage to happen to our Piranha propeller, we will replace it free of charge.

Today, one of the leading causes of lower engine unit damage is the propeller hitting objects which might be in the water. This applies to all three propeller types. When this occurs, resistance is created in the engine and over time damage occurs. To battle this common issue, our Piranha blades are designed with shock absorption as one of the primary focuses. This means that even if you do manage to strike an object in the water with our Piranha propeller, the reduced shock will lengthen the life of your motor. Not only are Piranha propellers more affordable and durable, they are also built to ensure long lasting functionality of your engine. This saves you the hassle of both replacing your engine sooner rather than later and paying more out of pocket for repairs.


In the end, if you are searching for reliability, quality and cost efficiency then you have certainly found it. Piranha propellers are less damaging to your wallet and bank account, they are more cost effective to your engine, and overall are the smarter choice in the long run. So if you think it is time to stop wasting money and ensure that it stays this way for a longer amount of time then take a look at the Volvo Prop Finder and choose the right propeller for you.


VolvoYearHPDescriptionHub Assy. 3 bladeBlade groupHub Assy. 4 bladeBlade groupRev RangecylinderstrokesplinesBUY ONLINE
Volvo196583D27 w/200 DriveHVA3A33800-40006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1965110GM 153ciHVA3A34000-46004417Buy Online
Volvo1966120AQ120 w/200 DriveHVA3A34600-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1968130AQ130 w/250D DriveHVA3A34600-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1970211AQ210A w/270B DriveHVA3A33800-40008417Buy Online
Volvo1972130AQ130C w/270 TD Drive, Hydrolic Power TrimHVA3A34600-51004417Buy Online
Volvo197375AQD21A w/270 DriveHVA3A34400-45004diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1973106D32; AQD32A w/270 DriveHVA3A33800-40006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1973130AQ130C w/270 D DriveHVA3A34600-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1973170AQ170B w/280TC Drive; Hydraulic Power Trim; AQ170B w/280C DriveHVA3A34600-50006417Buy Online
Volvo1973225AQ225A w/280 DriveHVA3A34000-44008417Buy Online
Volvo197475AQD21A w/270 DriveHVA3A34400-45004diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1974106D32; AQD32A w/270 DriveHVA3A33800-40006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1974130AQ130C w/270 D Drive; AQ130D w/280D Drive: AQ130C w/270TD DriveHVA3A34600-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1974170AQ170B w/280C DriveHVA3A34600-50006417Buy Online
Volvo1974225AQ225A w/280 DriveHVA3A34000-44008417Buy Online
Volvo197575AQD21A. D21A & D21 w/280D DriveHVA3A34400-45004diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1975106D32; AQD32A w/270 DriveHVA3A33800-40006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1975130AQ130D w/280D DriveDriveHVA3A34600-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1975170AQ170B w/280C DriveHVA3A34600-50006417Buy Online
Volvo1975225AQ225A w/280 DriveHVA3A34000-44008417Buy Online
Volvo1976130D40; AQD40A w/280B DriveHVA3A34600-51006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1976170AQ170B w/280C DriveHVA3A34600-50006417Buy Online
Volvo1976231AQ240A w/280B DriveHVA3A33800-42008417Buy Online
Volvo1977200AQ200D w/280B DriveHVA3A34000-44008417Buy Online
Volvo1978260AQ260A w/280B DriveHVA3A34000-44008417Buy Online
Volvo1978280AQ280B w/ 280B Drive; AQ280A w/280B DriveHVA3A34700-52008417Buy Online
Volvo1978290AQ290A w/ 280B DriveHVA3A34700-52008417Buy Online
Volvo1979138AQ145A w/280D DriveHVA3A34500-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1983138AQ145A w/280D DriveHVA3A34500-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1988120AQ131C w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44400-48004417Buy Online
Volvo1989120AQ131 230 Series w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44700-50004417Buy Online
Volvo1989130AQAD31 w/ 290DPHVA3A3VA4A43600-38004diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1989180AQ205 431 Series 290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44400-48006417Buy Online
Volvo1989210AQ211 500 Series w/ 290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44000-44008417Buy Online
Volvo1989229AQ231 501 Series w/ 290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44200-46008417Buy Online
Volvo1989275AQ271 570 Series w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44400-48008417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93120AQ131 230 Series w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44700-50004417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93120AQ131C w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44400-48004417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93138AQ145A w/280D DriveHVA3A3VA4A44500-51004417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93146AQ151 250 Series w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44800-55004417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93167AQ171 251 DOHC Series w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A45000-57004417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93170AQ175 430 Series w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44100-45006417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93180AQ205 431 Series 290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44400-48006417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93200AD41 w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A43800-39006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1990-93210AQ211 500 Series w/ 290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44000-44008417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93229AQ231 501 Series w/ 290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44200-46008417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93275AQ271 570 Series w/290 DriveHVA3A3VA4A44400-48008417Buy Online
Volvo1990-93307AQ311B 571 Series w/290 Drno props available84
Volvo19941203.0 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo19941353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo1994135AD31DHVA3A3VA4A43400-40004diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1994140D41DHVA3A3VA4A43400-40006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo1994153AD41DHVA3A3VA4A43400-40006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo19941604.3 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo1994185AD41DHVA3A3VA4A43400-40006diesel17Buy Online
Volvo19941854.3 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo19941905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19942155.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19942255.7 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19942305.8 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19942555.8 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19951353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo19951604.3 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo19951854.3 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo19951905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19952205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19952355.8 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44000-44008419Buy Online
Volvo19952755.8 FSI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo1996-971353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo1996-971604.3 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo1996-971854.3 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo1996-971905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo1996-972205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo1996-972355.8 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44000-44008419Buy Online
Volvo1996-972505.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo1996-972555.8 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44000-44008419Buy Online
Volvo1996-972655.8 FSI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo199853MD229SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43600-40004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo199871TMD229 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44100-45004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo199898TAMD22P SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44100-45004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo19981353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo19981905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19982054.3 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo19982205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19982505.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo19982505.0 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48008419Buy Online
Volvo19983107.4 GI SXno props available84
Volvo2001122AD31L SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43200-38004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20011353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo2001141AD31P SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43300-39004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20011905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20012054.3 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20012205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20012505.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20012505.0 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48008419Buy Online
Volvo20012805.7 GSI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo2002122AD31L SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43200-38004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20021353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo2002141AD31P SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43300-39004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20022205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20022254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20022605.7 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48008419Buy Online
Volvo20022705.0 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20022805.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20031353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo20031905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20032205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20032254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20032605.7 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48008419Buy Online
Volvo20032705.0 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20032805.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20033205.7L GXI SXno props available84
Volvo20041055.7L GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-50008419Buy Online
Volvo2004130D3-130A SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20041353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo2004141AD31P SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-39004diesel19Buy Online
Volvo2004157D3-160 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo2004160D3-160A SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20041905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20042205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20042254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20042605.7 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48008419Buy Online
Volvo20042705.0 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20042805.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20043205.7L GXI SXno props available84
Volvo2005130D3-130A SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20051353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo2005157D3-160 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20051905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20052205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20052254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20052705.0 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20052805.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20053205.7L GXI SXno props available84
Volvo2006122D3-130 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20061353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo2006155D3-160 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo2006181D3-190 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20061905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20062205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20062254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20062705.0 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20062805.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20063205.7L GXI SXno props available84
Volvo2007122D3-130 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo2007130D3-130 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20071353.0 GS SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46004419Buy Online
Volvo2007155D3-160 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo2007181D3-190 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20071905.0 FL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20072205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20072254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20072705.0 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20072805.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20073205.7L GXI SXno props available84
Volvo2007337D6-350 DP-Hno props available6diesel
Volvo20073758.1l GXI SXno props available84
Volvo20081353.0 GLHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-46004419Buy Online
Volvo2008160D3-160 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo2008181D3-190 SXHSXA3A3SXA4A43800-40005diesel19Buy Online
Volvo20081904.3 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20082205.0 FI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44200-46008419Buy Online
Volvo20082254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20082705.0 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20082805.7 GI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20083205.7L GXI SXno props available84
Volvo2008330D6-300 DP-Hno props available6diesel
Volvo2008370D6-370 DPRno props available6diesel
Volvo20083758.1l GI SXno props available84
Volvo20091353.0 GLHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-46004419Buy Online
Volvo20091503.0L GXIHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48004419Buy Online
Volvo20091503.0l GXI CHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48004419Buy Online
Volvo20091904.3 GLHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20092205.0 GL SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44400-48008419Buy Online
Volvo20092254.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-48006419Buy Online
Volvo20092705.0 GXI C SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-50008419Buy Online
Volvo20092704.3 GXI SXHSXA3A3SXA4A44600-48006419Buy Online
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