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30-day Money Back Guarantee

All new Piranha Propellers feature a 30-day moneyback guarantee. This gives you the opportunity to experience what Piranha has to offer, without the risk of getting stuck with a propeller that doesn’t work right. Most propeller manufacturers won’t take a prop back after you’ve tried it, but unfortunately no matter what prop size / type you buy, there’s no way to precisely predict how it is going to perform on your actual boat. Piranha knows this and offers you the assurance that if they can’t make it right, you won’t be stuck with it.

If you are not satisfied with your new Piranha, you may return it for a refund. Refunds do not include the original or return shipping costs. In addition the prop must be in re-sellable condition. Please keep this in mind when you get your new prop. Test your new prop in familiar waters where there is low risk of the prop contacting foreign objects. Hitting or scraping something with the prop probably won’t make it unuseable, but it also won’t leave it looking as it did when new and thus not-returnable. Finally, if you wish to paint or coat your prop with red laquer or anti-fouling paint, please do so AFTER deciding to keep the prop. Piranha will decline your refund request if you return a red prop to them.

Lifetime Hub Warranty

The heart of a Piranha Propeller is the aluminum cored center hub. This part features a lifetime guarantee. If you damage it for any reason, Piranha will replace it for you (shipping charges not included). Propeller blades on the other hand are not warranteed except for manufacturing defects. They are designed to break under significant impact to protect your gearcase.

Arranging a Return

If you need to arrange a return, please contact the factory. Please include your full name (as it appeared on the order), the order number, and the items you want a refund on. We can then get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number generated for you. You must write this number on the outside of the package you will be returning to the order processing center. Returning items without an RMA number may prevent or delay the processing of your return. You may also request an RMA number by calling 800-235-7767 and leaving a message. Again, please leave your full name (as it appeared on the order), the order number, and the items you want a refund on. The order processing center will give you a call back once they’ve generated an RMA number for you.