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Piranha Propellers Performance KitPiranha performance kits offer all the same benefits as our popular Propulsion kits, but they add a little extra performance boost from the inclusion of a Piranha Hydrofoil Stabilizer.

The hydrofoil bolts to the anti-ventilation plate on your drive and provides useful sternlift to your boat. The hydrodynamic lift it generates helps your boat get on plane faster and
usually at a lower speed. This is most useful if you tend to run your boat heavily loaded or if you want any easier time pulling up skiers.

Performance kits are not available for all applications. Click on the “propeller Finder” to see if we have one available for you!

Performance Kits Include:

  • The Piranha propeller of your choice
  • Complete extra set of blades
  • Floating propeller Wrench
  • Piranha Storage Bag
  • Piranha Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Piranha Propellers Performance Kit