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Find A Boat Propeller From Piranha Propellers

There are three main factors to be considered when replacing your OMC propeller. The ideal propeller should be durable, be cost effective, and protect your lower unit. After taking a look at what is out there, it may seem impossible to find the best of all three factors in a single product. But the Piranha propeller is just that. Check it out at OMC Prop Finder.

The first factor that we will explore is durability. The least durable of all options currently on the market is the composite propeller. Most composite propellers are made with lower quality materials than metal propellers, and have to be replaced more often. The next step up is the Aluminum propeller, which is the choice used by most boat manufacturers for the original engine propellers. It is a bit more durable than composite. The most durable propeller type is thought by many to be the stainless steel propeller, but they do not know about the Piranha. Piranha propellers combine an aerospace composite coating over an aluminum core, and features blades made of the same special composite. This composite is individually formulated to be stronger and more durable than stainless steel, and to last longer as well. Taking into consideration the Piranha’s modular design and lifetime warranty, it is the clear winner for overall durability.

The next factor is affordability. Due to cost of manufacturing, the stainless steel propeller is the most expensive on the market. Aluminum is a lower cost metal than steel, and this is reflected in the lower cost of aluminum propellers. But keep in mind, their lower durability means you will have to buy new ones more often. The most affordable option is usually the composite propeller, but they are also often made with lower grade materials and will need to be replaced far more often than either of the metal options. The Piranha propeller’s special composite is both affordable and effective, it costs no more than most other composites, but also last longer than stainless steel and is the most cost effective. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that the first full set of Piranha propellers you purchase could be the only set you will ever need to buy. Again, the Piranha propeller wins.

Lastly, let’s explore the very real problem of lower unit engine damage. When your propeller collides with any solid object that is in the water, the resulting shock can cause severe damage to your lower unit. Different materials and designs can help to absorb this shock so that your lower engine does not take as much damage. Stainless steel propellers are made from a strong and durable material, which is good, right? Not when considering the need for shock absorption. Aluminum is slightly more flexible, and therefore slightly better at protecting you lower unit. But aluminum is still not the best option for this issue. Composites are more flexible than the two metal options, and by default are better and shock absorption. But most composite propellers are not actually designed with lower unit protection in mind. Piranha propellers are, and are specially molded and calibrated to ensure the best shock absorption possible, which all but eliminates any damage to the lower unit that can be caused by propeller strikes.

In all three areas, Piranha propellers are the clear choice. Visit the OMC Prop Finder to find the right model for you.


OMCYearHPDescriptionHub Assy. 3 bladeBlade groupHub Assy. 4 bladeBlade groupRev RangecylinderstrokesplinesBUY ONLINE
OMC1978-791202.3L 400; 2.3L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B45200-56004413Buy Online
OMC1978-791202.5L 400; 2.5L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC1978-791403.0L 400; 3.0L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC1978-792605.7L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19801202.3L 400; 2.3L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B45200-56004413Buy Online
OMC19801202.5L 400; 2.5L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19801403.0L 400; 3.0L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19801703.8L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19801853.8L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19802005.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC19802305.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC19802605.7L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19811202.5L 400; 2.5L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19811282.3L 400; 2.3L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B45200-56004413Buy Online
OMC19811403.0L 400; 3.0L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19811703.8L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19811853.8L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19812005.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC19812305.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC19812605.7L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1982-841703.8L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1982-841853.8L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1982-842005.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC1982-842305.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC1982-842605.7L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1985-871282.3L 400; 2.3L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B45200-56004413Buy Online
OMC1985-871403.0L 400; 3.0L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC1985-871754.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1985-872054.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1985-872305.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC1985-872605.7L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19881282.3L 400; 2.3L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B45200-56004413Buy Online
OMC19881303.0L CobraOB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19881754.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19882005.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19882054.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19882305.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC19882605.7L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19882705.7L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44400-48008415Buy Online
OMC19891282.3L 400; 2.3L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B45200-56004413Buy Online
OMC19891303.0L CobraOB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19891754.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19891855.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19892005.0L HO CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19892054.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19892305.0L 800HOA3A3OA4A44000-44006415Buy Online
OMC19892605.7L 800HOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19892705.7L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44400-48008415Buy Online
OMC1990-911282.3L 400; 2.3L Stringer 400OB3B3OB4B45200-56004413Buy Online
OMC1990-911303.0L CobraOB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC1990-911503.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46004415Buy Online
OMC1990-911754.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1990-911855.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC1990-912005.0L HO CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC1990-912054.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC1990-912355.8L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC1990-912605.7L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46008415Buy Online
OMC1990-912705.7L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44400-48008415Buy Online
OMC19921303.0L CobraOB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19921503.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46004415Buy Online
OMC19921754.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19921855.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19922005.0L HO CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19922054.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19922255.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19922355.8L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19922405.8L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19922405.7L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46008415Buy Online
OMC19922505.7L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46008415Buy Online
OMC19922605.7L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46008415Buy Online
OMC19922705.7L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44400-48008415Buy Online
OMC19922855.8L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19922905.8L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19931303.0L CobraOB3B3OB4B44200-46004413Buy Online
OMC19931503.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46004415Buy Online
OMC19931754.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19931855.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19932005.0L HO CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19932054.3L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46006415Buy Online
OMC19932255.0L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19932355.8L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19932405.8L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19932405.7L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46008415Buy Online
OMC19932505.7L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46008415Buy Online
OMC19932605.7L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44200-46008415Buy Online
OMC19932655.8L CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19932705.7L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44400-48008415Buy Online
OMC19932855.8L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
OMC19932905.8L King CobraHOA3A3OA4A44000-44008415Buy Online
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