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Find A Boat Propeller From Piranha Propellers

Keeping you moving forward is the main job of your Force propellers, but it isn’t the only thing they should be good at. Preventing lower unit damage should also be their objective. Lower unit damage is an occurrence caused by the blades of the propeller when they collide with various object in the water and put extra pressure on the engine, specifically the lower unit. But fear not, you have options. The Piranha propeller can be found in the Force Prop Finder, and it can help you resolve this issue.

Some of the most durable and rugged propellers on the market are made out of stainless steel. However, it is because of their tough ruggedness and lack of flexibly that this becomes a problem when colliding with objects in the water and being unable to absorb the shock to reduce stress on the lower unit. While they will last the longest amount of time out of all of the different types of propellers, they will also wear the engine out the fastest and will put a big dent in your bank account because of their price.

A less costly option is the Aluminum propeller, but this too is not the best choice. Although most manufacturers choose the Aluminum propellers as the default choice for most boats when they are built, they are not the optimal choice due to the fact that they are a lot less durable and even though they have some shock absorbing qualities, they are not flexible enough to significantly reduce stress on the lower unit of the engine.

Lastly, there are the Composite propellers, the most affordable choice. This too, though, is not the best choice. The problem is that there are many different composite materials out there which can be mixed and molded in many different ways, but so far most of them have ended up being very fragile and not long lasting. So while you can choose to purchase new propellers over and over again and replace them over and over again, ask yourself, do you really need this headache?

So we have three different types of propellers, the super strong and rugged one which does not absorb shock well and cost way too much, the semi-durable one which absorbs a little shock and cost a little less, and the super cheap one which absorbs the most shock of the three but is easily damaged and needs to be replaced more frequently. As difficult as it may seem, I do have an answer to this problem: Piranha propellers.

With exclusively formulated composite as its backbone, which is tougher then stainless steel and less costly, the Piranha is truly a work of art. Although flexible and super shock absorbent, it is still built to outlast all competition. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the modular propeller has a nearly indestructible Aluminum core with detachable blades which can be easily stored and replace in minutes if by some chance damage occurs. The blades are balanced to perfection, double the industry standards, making them easily the best on the market. Furthermore, because of their flexibility and durability you will no longer have to worry about the damage which other propellers inflict on the lower unit of your engine while maintaining your composure knowing that they will last a long time.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a replacement for your Force propeller, but we feel that ensuring the longevity of your engine by reducing lower unit stress is by far one of the most important considerations. Fortunately, the Piranha propeller is the answer which you have been looking for. Use the Force Prop Finder to locate the compatible model for your engine today.


ForceYearHPDescriptionHub Assy. 3 bladeBlade groupHub Assy. 4 bladeBlade groupRev RangecylinderstrokesplinesBuy Online
Force198585FB3FB34500-55003215Buy Online
Force1985125FB3FB34250-52504215Buy Online
Force1986 198735MC3C3S4500-55002213Buy Online
Force1986 198785FB3FB34500-55003215Buy Online
Force1986 1987125FB3FB34250-52504215Buy Online
Force198835MC3C3S4500-55002213Buy Online
Force198885FB3FB34500-55003215Buy Online
Force1988125Single ExhaustFB3FB34500-55004215Buy Online
Force1988125B-ModelFB3FB34250-52504215Buy Online
Force198935MC3C3S4250-52502213Buy Online
Force198985FB3FB34500-55002215Buy Online
Force198990L-Drive (Dual Exhaust)MB3B3MB4B45000-55003215Buy Online
Force198990L-Drive (Single Exhaust)FB3FB35000-55003215Buy Online
Force1989120L-Drive (Dual Exhaust)MB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1989120L-Drive (Single Exhaust)FB3FB35000-55004215Buy Online
Force1989125Single ExhaustFB3FB34500-55004215Buy Online
Force1989150Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55005215Buy Online
Force1989150Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55005215Buy Online
Force199035MC3C3S5000-52502213Buy Online
Force199090Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55003215Buy Online
Force199090Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55003215Buy Online
Force199090L-Drive (Single Exhaust)FB3FB35000-55003215Buy Online
Force199090L-Drive (Dual Exhaust)MB3B3MB4B45000-55006215Buy Online
Force1990120Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1990120L-Drive (Dual Exhaust)MB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1990120L-Drive (Single Exhaust)FB3FB35000-55004215Buy Online
Force1990120Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55004215Buy Online
Force1990150Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55005215Buy Online
Force1990150Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55005215Buy Online
Force199135MC3C3S5000-52502213Buy Online
Force199190Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55003215Buy Online
Force199190Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55003215Buy Online
Force199190L-Drive (Single Exhaust)FB3FB35000-55003215Buy Online
Force199190L-Drive (Dual Exhaust)MB3B3MB4B45000-55006215Buy Online
Force1991120Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1991120L-Drive (Dual Exhaust)MB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1991120L-Drive (Single Exhaust)FB3FB35000-55004215Buy Online
Force1991120Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55004215Buy Online
Force1991150Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55005215Buy Online
Force1991150Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55005215Buy Online
Force1991150L-Drive (Single Exhaust)FB3FB35000-55005215Buy Online
Force1991150L-Drive (Dual Exhaust)MB3B3MB4B45000-55005215Buy Online
Force199270MC3C3S5750-52503213Buy Online
Force199290Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55003215Buy Online
Force199290Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55003215Buy Online
Force1992120Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1992120Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55004215Buy Online
Force1992150Single ExhaustFB3FB35000-55005215Buy Online
Force1992150Dual ExhaustMB3B3MB4B45000-55005215Buy Online
Force199370MC3C3S4500-55003213Buy Online
Force199390MB3B3MB4B45000-55003215Buy Online
Force1993120MB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1993150MB3B3MB4B45000-55005215Buy Online
Force199440MC3C3S4750-52502213Buy Online
Force199470MC3C3S4750-52503213Buy Online
Force199490MB3B3MB4B45000-55003215Buy Online
Force1994120MB3B3MB4B45000-55004215Buy Online
Force1994150MB3B3MB4B45000-55005215Buy Online
Force199525M43D/E5000-60003210Buy Online
Force199540MC3C3S4750-52502213Buy Online
Force199550MC3C3S4750-52502213Buy Online
Force199570MC3C3S4750-52503213Buy Online
Force199590MB3B3MB4B44750-52503215Buy Online
Force1995120MB3B3MB4B44750-52504215Buy Online
Force1996 thru 199925MD3D/E5000-60003210Buy Online
Force1996 thru 199940MC3C3S4750-52502213Buy Online
Force1996 thru 199950MC3C3S4750-52502213Buy Online
Force1996 thru 199975MC3C3S4750-52503213Buy Online
Force1996 thru 199990MB3B3MB4B44750-52503215Buy Online
Force1996 thru 1999120MB3B3MB4B44750-52504215Buy Online
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