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Old Motors

VolvoChrysler Model 300, 105 to 270 HP, had 15″ and 16″ diameter blades, We\’ve been told using an RCVA Volvo rear cap and CH1A center hub will do the job. You won\’t find a hub assembly made form these items in our catalog, so if you need one, you will need to order the pieces separately. In order to use this combination you may have to obtain a propeller nut and flatwasher since the original tail cone from the stock propeller will not work to retain the propeller . Please make sure you use a stainless nylock nut and washer to prevent corrosion.

Propellers for Chrysler Model 300:
15 spline, with 15″ Diameter or greater.

  • 15 X 15 LEFT HAND
  • 15 X 15 RIGHT HAND
  • 15 X 17 LEFT HAND
  • 15 X 17 RIGHT HAND
  • 16 X 17 RIGHT HAND

Piranha variation:

Use CH1A + RCVA parts combination to replace this type of prop. Then choose A-style Piranha Blades as appropriate

  • 15 X 13 RIGHT HAND; 1513A
  • 15 X 15 RIGHT HAND; 1515A
  • 15 X 17 LEFT HAND; 1517A
  • 15 X 17 RIGHT HAND; 1517A-LH
  • 15 X 19 LEFT HAND; 1519A
  • 15 X 19 RIGHT HAND; 1519A-LH

Less Old Motors

Force and Chrysler 70 – 140 Hp use the same propellers (non-thru hub exhaust) from around 1978 to approximately 1987. These motors are readily identified as non through hub exhaust simply by visual inspection. NTHE propellers feature a bullet shaped tail cone with no exhaust ports cast into the propeller hub. Where the propeller engages the gear case there are no openings for exhaust flow.

I HAD A LOOK AT an even older Chrysler propeller from a 120 hp outboard which a customer brought in. It was non-thru hub exhaust and had a hub OD about what a C-style propeller has. The spline count was 18! Blade sizes looked like C-style, even though it was on a 120 HP. The exact model year of the motor was not known, but estimates where that is was 1973. We easily determined we could not fit that model. The spline count was an obvious stumbling block.

Warning (left) **

Chrysler 70 – 135 Hp (1970-1976) using 18 Spline shaft, we can\’t fit these! We can\’t match the spline pattern.If we could we would then have the problem of fitting the blades into such a small hub (which would require an entirely new line of blades).

  • 13-1/8 X 15 RIGHT HAND
  • 13-1/8 X 17 RIGHT HAND
  • 13-1/8 X 19 RIGHT HAND

Pent-ultimate decade of Production

Force models (non-thru-hub Exhaust; pre 1988): Blade diameters greater that 13.5 often hit the rear exhaust port that hangs down at the back of the cavitation plate. The aluminum propellers usually used on these motor have have very low rake with allows them to clear this obstacle.

There is good news about fitting a motor such as this with a Piranha. Use the 3-blade Piranha, but fit it with our XB-series blades. The XB-series produce uncommonly good performance, plus the smaller diameter and moderate rake allow them to easily clear the port.

XB-style Blades

  • 13 X 17 RIGHT HAND
  • 13 X 19 RIGHT HAND
  • 12-5/8 X 21 RIGHT HAND

Watch out on Force/ Chrysler models
1977 – 1987

Blades with high rake or large diameter often will contact the exhaust port.This is one important reason Piranha does not offer 4- blade propellers for this application.

Please note these are 14″ diameter blades, but the 13″ diameter blades (on a 4-blade, high-rake prop) we tried also contacted the exhaust port.

Force\’s final decade: the 1990\’s

The late 80s and early 1990\’s were a confusing time for the Force model line. Force produced what they called an L-Drive in addition to their outboards between \’88 and \’91. This unit was a cross between an outboard and a sterndrive. The outboard powerhead ran inboard like a conventional sterndrive, but most of the components in the lower leg were standard outboard parts. The designs changed frequently and where the motor was made (geographically speaking) also affected how the propellers fit and which propellers were needed. These models are the reason that Piranha includes extra spacers with each FB3 Force hub assembly we sell. Motors from this time period use 2 different PIRANHA hub assemblies as well, depending on what the customer has: #MB3 for dual exhaust units and #FB3 for single exhaust versions.

By 1994, Mercury Marine had bought out Force and all Force motors by then used standard Mercury propellers. The variation in the product was similar to any other Mercury product and propeller selection is very straight forward. Propeller Performance is pretty similar to a comparably sized Mercury badged motor. No special considerations are needed.