Choosing the Best Outboard Boat Propeller

Piranha Boat Propeller Advantage!

The boat propeller hub on a Piranha is so strong we guarantee it for life. If you damage It, We Will Replace It!

Composite Boat Propellers


  • Most Economical to purchase
  • Costs less to replace than it does to repair an aluminum or Stainless Steel prop.
  • Most Corrosion resistant
  • Easy replacement on boat
  • Lightest weight, easy to carry spares on board.
  • Blades on Piranha Boat Propeller will absorb impact energy of a prop strike saving the lower unit.


  • Can only be replaced, cannot be repaired.
  • Hydrobite Technology only available on Piranha Propellers

Aluminum Boat Propellers


  • Less expensive than stainless steel boat propellers
  • Light weight
  • Large range of aluminum props available for most horsepower ranges.
  • Can be repaired by trained technicians


  • Will damage easily when exposed to sandbars, small rocks, and mud.
  • Requires more time and expense than composite propellers to repair or replace
  • Requires coat monitoring for corrosion resistance

Stainless Boat Propellers


  • Most Durable boat prop.
  • High performance because blades are thin.
  • Can have thinner blades than aluminum because of material strength.


  • Most expensive boat prop
  • Costly replacement or repair
  • Lower Unit damage due to prop strikes.
  • Heavy blades damage lower unit gears.

Piranha Propellers come in sizes that fit 6 horsepower to 280 horsepower outboard motors and sterndrive systems.

Piranha Propellers come in a wide range of pitch sizes.

Affordable, Replaceable, alternative to metal boat props.

Have 3 blade and 4 blade options